The Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir



The Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir are amazing!


The Pearl of Africa are a group from Uganda, which is in East Africa. They perform to schools and live theatres, to raise money for people in their country to go to school and have food. They dance, sing and bang on bongos! The year 7s and glee club were lucky enough to have a great day with the whole of the choir doing fun and amazing activities.

The different activities were crafts, drumming and two sessions of singing and dancing in the West Wing Gym.


In crafts we made beaded wristbands, using a pattern. In drumming we learnt how to play African Drums, and in singing and dancing we  sang one of the traditional songs and learnt  a traditional dance. It was a great day full of fun activities!


Here are some of our year 7s making beads!

A little story of what your money to the choir does

The Pearl of Africa children’s choir raise money for children’s education and food in Uganda, where they live. In Uganda they need money to send their children to school and money for a simple thing like an egg. They don’t often have eggs in Uganda, so having an egg is a rare treat! It’s a really filling and tasty meal for them. They raise lots of money every year and lots of people in Uganda get a lovely meal of an egg!

Thanks for reading, and you can find information about The Pearl of Africa including information about their next performances on their website at

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