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Getting into the Christmas spirit at Malton School


There are two main events happening at Malton School for Christmas. One is the annual Malton School Christmas concert which is held in the West Wing hall.

There will be a wide range of performances and different varieties of acts including songs from the Glee Club, music from the Soul and Jazz bands. This year there will also be comedy acts and dance performances for entertainment.



The Sixth Formers will be helping out with all these acts and working with everyone else to get the performance to its highest standards.

Every year the Sixth Form also put on a traditional Christmas panto sketch.

The Christmas Concert takes place on December 7th at 7pm. Tickets are available to buy from West Wing reception.

The next event that takes place is the Christmas Carol Service which is held at St Mary’s Priory Church, Old Malton, on December 13th at 7pm.


This carol service will include traditional Christmas carols and there will be some mince pies and mulled wine for those hoping to get in to the Christmas spirit.

By Toby Spence, Year 8


A New Look for DT Rooms



The Malton School DT Rooms have recently undergone a half a million pound investment with a major update to machinery, ICT rooms and display areas.



The old suite was completely renovated by the builders and now has new computers for CADCAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing), 3D printers, laser cutters and new desks.

All the students were highly impressed and are ready to work the minute they step into the brand new suite.



The work was commissioned by North Yorkshire County Council and took place over the summer holidays.

By James Campbell, Year 10

A fun Friday fundraising


For Children in Need Malton School students and staff held many fundraiser events to raise money for the children who need our help.

Many events were held across the country raising money for Children in Need and a huge amount of money has been raised for this event. Malton Secondary School raised a whopping £828!

We had students holding stalls selling sweets and some Year 8 students baked cakes to sell. A teacher versus Sixth Formers’ football match took place as well.


The Sixth Form also organised a version of the TV quiz show Pointless and some of them dressed up for Famous Friday.




All of the money donated from people across the country and from our efforts at Malton School will go towards helping children to get better if they have previously been poorly. These children may need money to get treatment and our donations will help these children get what they require.

This event takes place every year and hopefully will continue at Malton School as it was also a lot of fun.

By Toby Spence, Year 8


A Great Opportunity


A group of Year 9 students went this week to attend the Ryedale District Council Opportunity Knocks event, held in conjunction with NYBEP and Derwent Training.

The event brought together young people and employers from across the Ryedale area, helping to establish good relationships, understanding and communication links.

Many employers and training associations came along from different industries including engineering, the arts, local councils and the National Parks.


Leaflets and lots of posters and forms were handed out to the students of Malton School to give them ideas and to help plan for careers, think about apprenticeships and places to go to study qualifications you need to get the job you want.

It is important for students to have these types of opportunities as early as possible so they know for sure what they want to do. It also means they can be prepared when choosing their GCSE options.


Year 9 student Annabel Williams was inspired by the music college stall. She said: “I enjoy music and it’s something that interests me. I’d like this music college and thanks to opportunity knocks, I have an opportunity to look into it.”

By Lily Thompson, Year 9

Hockey win

Malton School’s Year 9 hockey team won a hard and well-fought game against Lady Lumley’s School, scoring 2-0.

The match was played at the Malton Sports Centre on the 3G pitch. Year 9s Isabel Matique and Rosie Smith scored the two winning goals.

Isabel scored during the first half and the second half was won by Rosie. Katie Robinsion was the new goal keeper and she bravely took the role and defended well, shouting words of encouragement and enthusiastically cheering when we scored.

With a sub, injuries could be quickly sorted and roles swiftly filled by the amazing sub, Rebecca Singleton, who swapped at half time.

By Lily Thompson, Year 9



Thoughts on Remembrance Day


Remembrance Day is commemorated every year on November 11th to mark the armistice signed between the Allies of World War I and Germany at Compiègne, France. It marked the end of hostilities on the Western Front of World War I, which took effect at eleven o’clock in the morning – the ‘Eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month’ in 1918. The date was declared a national holiday in many allied nations and coincides with Veterans’ Day.

In recent years, Remembrance Sunday has become increasingly recognised and many people now attend the 11am ceremony at the Cenotaph in London. The event is organised by the Royal British Legion, a charity dedicated to preserving the memory of those who served in the First World War, as well as veterans of all the following wars involving British and Commonwealth troops.

In cities, towns and villages, poppy wreaths and wooden crosses are laid across graves and memorial statues to commemorate fallen soldiers. Servicemen and women stand in silence for two minutes. The poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ is read out in many places. To read the full poem, visit this website

At Malton School we always sell poppies to remember the tragic losses in the wars. One of our students played the Last Post at 11am. This year it was Isaac Rice, year 10. It was heard by students in their classrooms after our two minutes’ silence.


During the wars several former students went to fight in the war and died so remembering those who have lost their lives in war is something that is very dear to our school.

By Lily Thompson, Year 9

Becoming a Year 7 at Malton School


I am a Year 7 student so have the latest experience of starting secondary school. Here it is…

I went to a small village primary school so I only had a small group of friends moving up with me, which made me excited about making new friends. But I was also nervous as I hoped to stay in the same class as my current friends.

When I started at Malton School, I got lost for my first lesson but managed to get to science on time. The school is on two sites with a wing path that connects the two buildings.

The best thing was that I kept my old friends but also met some new ones. Malton School is a very friendly place and I have settled in well here.

By Harry Statham, Year 7