The Battlefields Trip


In April this year, a group of Year 10 students from Malton School will visit the battlefields of Europe.

Located in the heart of Europe, Germany`s capital city has been at the centre of some of the 20thCentury’s most dramatic historical events.

Our trip follows the timeline of these events. We will be visiting many of the sites where Berliners witnessed the rise of Hitler`s Third Reich.

The battlefields of Germany and France and the Somme will be some of the places that will be visited on the trip.


On the trip the students will visit the battlefields and the grave and memorials. The students, with help of the school, try to find grave or memorials of their relatives or past students at the school.

 This is a fantastic chance for the students to look at how much damage the wars have done to the countries involved and the damage it has done to families. And the students get a great look at how dedicated people are to remembering the soldiers who had fallen by making big memorials and making sure they are well kept.

The students will learn the importance of remembering the soldiers that fought for our country. They will learn that everything has consequences no matter how big or small.

By Lewis Robinson, Year 10


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