Future Careers

SONY DSCOn Wednesday, February 15th, there was a Careers’ Day for all students at Malton School.

This event offered students the chance to see possible job opportunities for their future.

This event had people representing universities such as York Ripon and York St. John,  Northumbria and Hull. They gave students an insight into what courses they could take and study.

There were stands such as, nuclear engineering , Scarborough football, the Army, the Police, law school, hairdressing and vets. All these stands offered information on what path you need to take to where you want to be working and what qualifications you need.

I personally was most interested in Askham Bryan College and all the things that they had to offer.

The part that I am most interested in is animal management and animal care. This course offered me the ability to care for and manage a variety of animals; an understanding of animal health; how the animal body works and nutritional requirements; behaviour and communication; safe animal handling and a work experience placement. This course lasts a total of two years.

As I was interested in this and after speaking to the person on the stand about what it offers I received a book on Askham Bryan college. I have read through the book and it was really interesting.

By Toby Spence, Year 8


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