How iPads help in our lessons

Student journalist Isaac Durber-Hocking, Year 7, tells us about why iPads are a great resource in lessons…


The school iPad is a remarkable supplement to the school day. It can be used in various ways and using different techniques. Students can use it for school work; for out-of-school work such as homework and responding to teachers via apps such as ‘Showbie’.

The iPads contain a camera plus microphone which can be used for multiple subjects. An example for a subject is PE were you can record your movements and assess them later thanks to the iPad’s camera.

Another app that the students can use is PowerPoint, which is a good app for when it comes to presentation as it allows the user or student to create a slideshow about a subject that he/she is learning about.

Here are some other ways we use it at school:

Internet research

The iPad is great for surfing the web and researching topics in or out of the classroom.

Making videos

Video creation and editing is simple on the iPad. This can be a great group activity to encourage collaboration. Unfortunately Flash is not supported on the iPad, so watching videos (except on YouTube) is not always possible. Videos can be watched on the interactive whiteboard if required.

Taking notes during class

The iPad is portable and easy to carry around with books making it the ideal tool to take notes and store all of a teacher’s lecture material.

Art classes

The iPad has changed art lessons for good – there are so many fantastic art apps which allow drawing and painting.

With the combination with Showbie plus the camera to take pictures of a student’s work – it’s a great combination.


Making music

It’s easy and rewarding to make music on the iPad, using a variety of different instruments using apps such as ‘GarageBand’ by Apple.

Also the teachers can view the student’s iPad screen with an app called ‘Classroom’ by Apple themselves.

When purchasing an iPad from school the iPads are equipped with a profile device management called ‘LightSpeed MDM profile’. This profile tracks the iPad’s location, installs apps that school choose, and it puts restrictions on the iPad. When on the school network the restrictions are:

  • Passbook Not Allowed
  • Erotica in iBooks Not Allowed
  • Adding Game Center Friends Not Allowed
  • Erase Content And Settings Not Allowed
  • iMessage Not Allowed
  • Siri Profanity Filter Enforced
  • Game Center Not Allowed
  • FaceTime Not Allowed
  • Establishing Untrusted TLS Connections Not Allowed
  • Safari Fraud Warning Enforced
  • Explicit Content Not Allowed

But when at your home or not on the school network the restrictions are reduced. If requested school can add more restrictions for home network use if necessary.

By Isaac Durber-Hocking, Year 7


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