Karate Katie!

Here Year 10 student Katie Hardy tells us about her passion for karate…


For about five years now I’ve done a karate class a few times a week (I started when I was 9). The class runs various days in and around Yorkshire, but the one I go to is on a Saturday afternoon (from 5-6:30pm) at St Michael’s Church Hall in Norton. I love going, and the community feeling within the group is fantastic.

The grading system works as follows: You start off with a white belt, and as you progress you move through the eight coloured belts and up to black. The gradings get further and further apart as you increase in rank, and the black belt grading is usually about six hours. When you get to black belt (which is a huge accolade within the system) you don’t stop – after this belt there are 10 more grades and it can take years to move between the grades the higher up you go. I’m currently on my first black belt grade out of these 10, and I probably won’t grade for another year or so.

The style itself is a fairly uncommon style from Japan, and as part of the class we learn the Japanese phrases for the techniques we do, as well as basic Japanese phrases.

I absolutely love going – last year there were a few months where I didn’t go due to illness, but I love being back and as I said, the community atmosphere within the club is great and we all get on well (Obviously as well as all this it is very good exercise!).

By Katie Hardy, Year 10


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