It’s Red Nose Day!

Student Journalist Ben Coyle, Year 7, tells us what’s happening at Malton School for Red Nose Day today…


Last time it was Sports Relief.. This year it’s Red Nose Day!

Last year’s Sports Relief made £72,505,165!  This year could be even better. As usual, Malton School will be helping raise money for the charity , Comic Relief.

Red Nose Day which takes place today, March 24th, is always fun, and there is always lots of excitement. It is great for students to have the chance to raise money and support the world-famous charity. It gives you experience for a possible future job; the chance to know you’re helping out a charity that helps people around the world and just gives you the chance to have fun and know you’re helping people get a better life around the world.

Red Nose Day started in 1988, and has grown ever since. In the first year they made £76,610 in total. They hope to make even more this year.

As a Year 7, I can’t wait for the opportunity to help people around the world and participate in Malton School’s fundraising. It is a great opportunity for all year groups to have fun and be able to participate in helping people that need help and who don’t have the same lives as us around the world.

This year Malton School is helping to raise money for Comic Relief. You can wear red to school if you bring in £1. At break time there will be a cake sale at the West Wing Reception. At lunchtime there will be a football match between staff against the sixth formers on the 3G pitch. Then on the field from 1:10 there will be a tug of war… After the football, the losers have some sort of losers’ punishment coming their way…watch this space!




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