Help our Libraries!

Year 7 student journalist Ben Coyle tells us about the cuts that libraries across North Yorkshire are facing and how you can help…


The libraries in North Yorkshire are facing cuts. This means that the libraries themselves may be closed. A library near where I live shut down a few years ago due to cost cutting.

Some libraries have had a good idea, they are getting volunteers and young volunteers to help out, therefore cutting the cost of staff wages. What this is doing is making libraries cheaper to run. Some libraries are also opening local council centres, such as one of the libraries near to me, Filey Library, which has recently got a lot more volunteers to keep the library open.

They have recently opened a Scarborough Borough Council ‘desk’ in the library. They have friendly staff and have quite a lot of books. They run the Summer Reading Challenge, which you can read about below. I have been going to this library for about 10 years and have got to know the staff well.

Have you ever been to your local library? Or are books something that gather dust in your house? Have you ever wanted a book, that maybe you don’t quite have enough for? Libraries are free. You can go and register, get a free card, then take out books from that library, for no amount of money.



Something in summer known as the Summer Reading Challenge is back again for 2017. Are you a great reader? Are you over 13? Go down to your local library, and over the summer holidays GET INVOLVED!

The libraries are open to young volunteers to go to the libraries and help this summer. Under 13? Still want to get involved? Join in the Summer Reading Challenge, and go to events. Enjoy the books you read. Wait a few more years, and you can help too.

All North Yorkshire libraries run the reading challenge. It takes place over the summer holidays, so if you are busy in term time, don’t worry, you can still enter. Primary school students who complete the challenge can ask to get their certificates at school, and students at secondary school who want to take part can request for it to be collected at their library. To discover more about the Summer Reading Challenge, there is some information, and more to be released on this website.

If you want to know more about your library, view the

If you want to visit the online library catalogue to see if there is something of interest to you, or to join today, right now, without using your library (follow the instructions on the website) go to

By Ben Coyle, Year 7

All photographs taken in Malton School library


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