Meet our Maths Teacher

Our Student Reporters Ellie Jackson and Rebekah Robinson went to chat to Maths teacher Mr Muir to find out more about how he makes maths fun, amongst other things…

Mr M Picture

How do you make maths fun??

Maths is always fun. However applying it to real life jobs definitely helps. I’m trying to get students to use iPads in lessons more, for Kahoots, ping pong and Showbie. 

What do you like about Malton School and why?

Students, staff and parents are all polite and thankful and generally make my job straight forward. 

What is your favourite thing to teach and why?

Favourite topics are permutations and combinations (A level) and different equations – all quite complex topics and keep me on my toes when teaching. 

What other jobs did you have before teaching?

Bar work, this was mainly in my uninteresting days.

If you couldn’t teach maths what others should you teach and why?

PE, because I love football and when it’s warm teaching outside would be fun.



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