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Luigi’s Mansion

By Jamie Cunningham and Lewis Smith

The first Luigi’s Mansion was a surprise release, something that not many were expecting.

The first Luigi’s Mansion released in 14 September 2001 for the Gamecube, it was a big turn for the character Luigi, as before this he was just known as the “brother” of Mario. However, in this game he is the main character; he wins a contest he did not enter for a mansion, which they then inspect, leading to Mario getting captured by ghosts who haunt the mansion.

Another character known as Professor E. Gadd is introduced, and the game gives you a tutorial on how to catch ghosts with a “hoover-like” device with a flashlight you use to spot the ghosts, then to hoover them up, which is pretty funny and satisfying to hoover ghosts up.

Game Review

Compared to any other game with Luigi in it, he went from random “brother” to slightly cowardly ghost hunter. It was also really good for adventurous purposes, you are free to wonder anywhere you like, but are locked out of rooms until you progress to the area, this gives you a lot of time to look around, and move at your own pace, adventuring to places you may be at another time.

It was a very good game, the plot/story could have been a bit better

It’s more the gameplay that makes this game really good, where the ghosts colour shows their “statistics”, like health, or even personalities. Like white ones playing dirty and sneaky, and ghosts with masks having protection.

Jamie – 9.5/10 “Liked the game a lot, especially the gameplay, but the story could have had slight tweaks.”

Lewis – 6/10 – “Liked it, but story could have been better.”


Mental Health in Teens

Library Photo

By Benjamin Taylor – Year 12

Do you know anyone with a mental health problem?

You might think you don’t, however the people over at have researched that 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.

The most recent recorded data of the UK’s population is 66.57 million, so that means that 16,642,500 people in the UK will experience a mental health issue this year alone. have concluded that 70% of these people will not receive any help. Many of these issues won’t even be recognised by family, friends or teachers.

There are many risk factors to getting a mental health problem, such as having a long term physical illness, family problems, bullying or discrimination as well as many other factors. There are things you can do to stay in a good mental health too however, such as being in a good physical state, which improves body confidence, having hobbies and being able to do things that make you happy and gives a general feeling of feeling loved, wanted and belonging.

Because of increasing stress in young people, the amount of mental health cases are on the rise, however the 70% of people who won’t receive any help is slowly decreasing. People speak of mental health as a subject to avoid but truthfully any mental health issue is just as important as any physical issue.

In an interview with Mr Dent, he said that he wanted “Anybody experiencing any kind of symptom needs to be confident who to see”. Teachers at Malton School are undergoing a mental health awareness training program with the group “Compass buzz”.

This course has 3 levels. Level 1 is mandatory for all staff and teaches them how to recognise symptoms of mental health issues before they become a larger problem. Level 2 is not mandatory for All staff but is mandatory for key stage leaders and senior leaders, this level will be knowing how to talk to students more in depth about mental illness and anxieties. Level 3 is something only select staff such as Mr Dent himself will be taking, which will give the staff the ability to know what to say to students about more serious illnesses such as eating disorders. The end goal for all of Malton School is to have any students experiencing a mental health issue to be confident and comfortable to go and talk to any member of staff, as if it was a physical illness like a stomach ache.

Collectively we as a school are doing a lot of things to help with mental health issues such as the teacher training and the recent mental health assemblies and a newly formed year 12 mental well-being group.

If you or someone close to you is experiencing any form of mental health issue from general anxiety and depression to a serious eating disorder or suicidal thoughts then the staff at Malton School want you to know that they are all available to talk in strict privacy and they will do anything they can to help. Some teachers have already received certificates for completing their level 1 Compass Buzz mental health awareness training.

If however you do want more professional advice then here are a few websites that do show symptoms of mental health disorders. If you do believe yourself or a close friend to be experiencing a mental health disorder then do talk to someone about it, a teacher, parent or your local doctor because the earlier a problem is realised, the easier It is to sort out.

  • Childline
  • YoungMinds
  • Kidscape
  • PAPYRUS (Prevention of young suicide)
  • NHS

Those were just a few of the larger groups who can easily help and be contacted by anyone at anytime. The prevention of young suicide is an important one as twenty people out of a hundred will have regular suicidal thoughts and although only six out of a hundred people will actually attempt suicide, all it takes is one bad day to push someone over their limit.

Remember that if you have an issue yourself or you think a friend may have a mental health issue then do talk to a member of staff, they’ve all received some training now and all know how to help and the steps to take to keep students safe and healthy.



Wacky new words in the dictionary! By Arthur, Will and Harry

New words are added to the dictionary every year. These words include ‘hangry’, which means a person who is bad-tempered as a result of hunger. Recently the word embiggen has been added to the dictionary. The word was first heard on The Simpsons in 1996. It is from the motto of The Simpsons’ fictional town of Springfield: “A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.”




PDA sessions at Malton School! By Matthew Guest and Scott Harrison

We have been going around various PDA sessions over the last few weeks and have prepared an article on some of the different things you possibly should consider next time you pick your new PDA.

Advanced cooking is a PD based around, well, cooking. You are allowed to cook anything you wish, provided you have the ingredients needed. In the picture above Sam Farkas is making some chocolate biscuits. He told us he has lots of fun in this PD because he has the freedom to cook what he wants to.

We took some time listening to some of the songs the school’s string group had to play and they were great. Different types of string instruments were playing together and the sound was amazing. We didn’t want to disturb the group as they played so didn’t ask any questions, but none were really needed!

Chess is a strategic game not everyone can master. Chess club have a leaderboard so the more experience players can challenge others of their level, and beginning players can play other beginners. The winner of the leader board gets a special prize. Students can also try playing with a chess clock making each game extra fast paced!

That’s all we have for now but we hope this article helps you consider some different PD for next time.

10 jokes to tell! By Callum Scrase

What do you call a cow with no legs?

Ground beef!


What do you call a fly with no wings?

A walk!


Did you hear about the man who invented the knock knock joke?

He won the The No-bell prize!


What do you call a Spanish man with a rubber toe?



Did you hear about the plastic surgeon?

He melted by the fire!


How do bees get to work?

By the buzz!


Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Mikey who?

Mikey doesn’t work so open the door!


Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Ipick who?

I pick the lock if you don’t let me in!


What do you call a man with a spade in his head?



Did you hear about the actor who fell through the floorboards?

He was going through a stage!





After Daniel Craig revealed he wasn’t going to carry on being the famous 007, but who will take his place?


After Daniels departure from the movie series last year, there has been a lot of speculation on who will take over his spot. Other potential possibilities include Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Harry Styles, and Chris Hemsworth. After Daniel Craig took on the role it’s hard to imagine the next film without him playing the mysterious, adventurous character but so far James Norton has made the top spot of the next 007. James Norton and his previously work is agreeably very suitable for the role, judging from his work on Grantchester, Happy Valley and War and Peace, which all involve an element of crime work and mystery. So who do you think will take over the ever so famous British spy for the next thrilling action blockbuster?

The Malton School newspaper team are supporting the Encephalitis Society and the important work they do.

The society work hard to raise awareness of this little known condition and to support and help people who suffer from the condition, as well as their families.

The society also carries out valuable research into the condition in order to develop treatments.

Visit their website at to find out more about encephalitis, the work of the society and to find out how you can help the charity, including details about their new app.