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The Tech Page

Welcome to the tech page, latest news on tech for the navy blazer. We will be reviewing the latest and highest rated tech from around the world. Today we will be reviewing the smart bacon express and the internet famous iPhone X. Are they worth it?

The smart bacon express


Intro: This interesting piece of tech can apparently cook bacon without flipping or covering it with unhealthy oil as it has a good non-stick coating 


It can cook bacon OK and has a non-stick plate. Also the fact that it cooks vertical so the grease all runs to the bottom. So the bacon has less fat in it so the bacon tastes as nice but it is healthier.


There are some bad things about this boar baker such as the price. You’d expect to think that the price for this would be about 20 pounds. It’s actually 50 which is a lot for a bacon toaster. Also some people like all the fats and oil. So it won’t be perfect or everyone.


I think that the bacon toaster is not worth the money as you could get more flavour out of properly cooking it.


IPhone X

It’s the phone everyone’s being talking about. The iPhone X has got the critics standing on their toes. Many love it, many hate it. We’re about find out if the 1000 dollar (900 pound) phone phenomenon is worth it.


This new iPhone has struck the public with its famous face id camera. The back facing camera can recognise your face even with makeup or a new haircut. The new camera undoubtedly will be the future of smart phones. Also for the first time the iPhone has gone full screen, abandoning the home button this means you can see more on your screen. 


The new iPhone X’s features have come at a cost. They have has to edit iOS to fit the phones needs so the iOS system is VERY buggy on the new iPhone. Also sometimes the face id doesn’t work. Research has shown that the materials used to make the phone cost quite a bit less than the actual phone.    


Gravity Falls Journal 3: book review

book review

Rating: 4 stars 

I recently purchased this book on Amazon and have already read all 288 pages. It is a very good book and it has plenty of secret codes to figure out. It is a good read overall, however i think it needs to use invisible ink and should include a black light to read the invisible ink. I recommend this book to people aged 10+. It is a book for people who like mystery and secrets, also the paranormal and weird. The book is set in Gravity Falls, and the story is about the weirdness of Gravity Falls and the main character’s decent into madness. It also shows the main events of the TV show Gravity Falls and the main character’s return from his trip across the dimensions.

By Callum Scrase 

Bath bombs!

The science research PDA group was making bath bombs in one of the science labs! The Malton Newspaper team went to find out what they were up to! They told us they were making bath bombs from citric acid, bicarbonate of soda, peppermint and colouring!”. They are entering their bath bombs into a com


Christmas in France!

In other countries Christmas is celebrated very different from us. In France they don’t have stockings they have shoes to put at the side of the fire instead. Christmas starts early because the French get small presents and sweets on the 6th December. Santa brings presents early in France – on Christmas eve! They have a special meal at around midnight on Christmas Eve to celebrate Christmas Day. There is an evil Santa who follows good Santa whipping and beating bad children and leaving coal. In French Merry Christmas is Joyeux Noël, and Santa is called Père Noël.

By Callum Scrase and Lydia Unsworthfrance


At Malton School we saw the start of festivity, with the snow. On the 30th of November we built snowmen, threw snowballs and tried our hardest to stay warm. The school closed early at 3:15 rather than the normal 4:25 on a Thursday.

We interviewed Callum Scrase:

Reporter: What was the best thing about the snow?

Callum: Watching the snow come down was the best thing.

Reporter: What was the worst thing about the snow?

Callum: When I got snow in my ear from a snowball.

Thank You Callum!

It was a fun day for the students and hopefully it will snow again.