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A New Look for DT Rooms



The Malton School DT Rooms have recently undergone a half a million pound investment with a major update to machinery, ICT rooms and display areas.



The old suite was completely renovated by the builders and now has new computers for CADCAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing), 3D printers, laser cutters and new desks.

All the students were highly impressed and are ready to work the minute they step into the brand new suite.



The work was commissioned by North Yorkshire County Council and took place over the summer holidays.

By James Campbell, Year 10


Becoming a Year 7 at Malton School


I am a Year 7 student so have the latest experience of starting secondary school. Here it is…

I went to a small village primary school so I only had a small group of friends moving up with me, which made me excited about making new friends. But I was also nervous as I hoped to stay in the same class as my current friends.

When I started at Malton School, I got lost for my first lesson but managed to get to science on time. The school is on two sites with a wing path that connects the two buildings.

The best thing was that I kept my old friends but also met some new ones. Malton School is a very friendly place and I have settled in well here.

By Harry Statham, Year 7

Geography Field Trip to York


GCSE geography students went on a field trip to York before half term.

The trip was mainly along the River Ouse in York to get an example of the geology and to help students with their study on rivers and flood defences.

We looked at where the River Foss and the River Ouse join to become one. The trip was very useful in helping with our GCSE Geography studies.


By Jacob Verity, Year 10