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A fun Friday fundraising


For Children in Need Malton School students and staff held many fundraiser events to raise money for the children who need our help.

Many events were held across the country raising money for Children in Need and a huge amount of money has been raised for this event. Malton Secondary School raised a whopping £828!

We had students holding stalls selling sweets and some Year 8 students baked cakes to sell. A teacher versus Sixth Formers’ football match took place as well.


The Sixth Form also organised a version of the TV quiz show Pointless and some of them dressed up for Famous Friday.




All of the money donated from people across the country and from our efforts at Malton School will go towards helping children to get better if they have previously been poorly. These children may need money to get treatment and our donations will help these children get what they require.

This event takes place every year and hopefully will continue at Malton School as it was also a lot of fun.

By Toby Spence, Year 8



Hockey win

Malton School’s Year 9 hockey team won a hard and well-fought game against Lady Lumley’s School, scoring 2-0.

The match was played at the Malton Sports Centre on the 3G pitch. Year 9s Isabel Matique and Rosie Smith scored the two winning goals.

Isabel scored during the first half and the second half was won by Rosie. Katie Robinsion was the new goal keeper and she bravely took the role and defended well, shouting words of encouragement and enthusiastically cheering when we scored.

With a sub, injuries could be quickly sorted and roles swiftly filled by the amazing sub, Rebecca Singleton, who swapped at half time.

By Lily Thompson, Year 9



Football Crazy

footballSince the start of the new school year students have started PDA sessions at Malton School.

Every Thursday I play football which is great fun. Some students do other sessions such as newspaper group, Spanish or another sport like rugby. The sessions are from 3.15pm till 4.25pm. In football our teachers are Mr Cook and Mr Williams and the first thing we always do is a warm up then we doing some training before we start playing a game.

Next term we can choose another session so we get the chance to try out lots of new activities.

By Antoni Jankowski, Year 8

An Evening to Celebrate

During the course of last year lots of students achieved the high standards the Head Teacher, Mr Williams, is looking for. Some of these achievements include having four or more commendations; others included the sporting district badges.


Special awards were also awarded to students who had excelled in a particular subject.



In between the students receiving their awards there was some amazing musical talent shown. Year 11 student Isaac Rice sung a song on stage, whilst Year 8 student Hannah Lamb played a summery tune on her clarinet. Jennifer Staples, Year 9, also played a very difficult piece on her clarinet.



Our Assistant Headteacher Mr Steel said: “I thought it was a really tremendous event. It was marvellous to see so many of our amazing students receiving rewards and recognition for all their hard work and achievements.”

As a result, the whole audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves, aside from the terrible jokes by the Key Stage 3 Leaders – which actually did make people laugh.



We are all looking forward to next year’s event that will introduce some new faces, hoping that you will be attending the next one.

By Ana Whitehead Year 8

Beyond the classroom, towards the future.

As a student I believe that we should embrace out-of-school activities.

Some clubs give you qualifications, skills and things people wouldn’t even know existed. From the DofE to your own personal fitness, people can achieve things that will put them a step ahead of other people (especially helping with CVs later in life).dofepda2

At Malton School, we started to give people the new opportunity for a very special award called the DofE (Duke of Edinburgh’s award) where there are three awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The DofE teaches you life skills such as first aid, camping/bush craft skills in surviving, communication and public work and much more. Even just one of these is very good on your CV and can definitely help you any job.


Some of the Malton School students who are doing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award


Even if you don’t want to do activities in school, there are clubs out of school such as Cadets which offer same sort of thing – Air, Army and Sea cadets. These are all based around teaching you future skills as well as taking trips abroad and to army bases (depending on which you decide to be in, you could go to an RAF base or an Army base). It gives you a new look at life as well as more friends and confidence to do things you wouldn’t have had confidence in before.raf

In and out of school there is something for everyone. Sports is popular within and out of school and is excellent for your health, which is always a good thing even if you don’t want to progress further after school. Hockey or football, for example, are good for teamwork skills and co-operation at the same time as having fun!

Anyone who has free time should be encouraged to try new things and be the person you want to be and try things that sound interesting for you.

By Lily Thompson, Year 9.